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Last time we looked at one of D’s of Satan - disappointment. We talked about how the devil uses disappointments in your life to move you out of the plan of God, and he tries to make you feel like you are out of faith because you are experiencing disappointments. We also talked about how Satan uses what I call the Domino Effect. If he gets you to believe the lie of disappointment, he can get you to push that first domino that leads you to believe the next lie in his plan. But, you are not alone! God is with you even in the midst of your disappointment, and He is there to help you out of it!

The next domino the devil will try to add to your plan is dread. We see an example of dread in the story of Giddeon. Here, God is trying to lead Giddeon to overcome the enemies of the Israelites. As far as the eye could see, armies had been raised up against him and the Israelites. God even told him, “be strong and courageous,” but all Giddeon could see was dread. In fact, he yielded to disappointment in himself and his abilities. He pushed over that first domino by focusing on disappointment, and that domino hit the next domino, dread.

Dread means to fear greatly. Giddeon took his disappointment in himself, which led to fearing his ability to do what God has said he could do! He questioned God about this fear. He focused his mind, will, and emotions on that fear instead of on God and what He said about him. Remember, God called Giddeon a mighty man of valor. What? You mean, even in the midst of Giddeon’s dread (fear) God spoke to him? You mean to tell me that God will still speak to me in the middle of my fear if I will lean towards him? Yes! All Giddeon had to do in the midst of his dread was to call on God. That is how awesome our God is! He loves you! He provides for you!  He makes a way for you even in the midst of the storms of life. Remember that measure of faith God has placed inside of you can be tapped into in the midst of the fear. All things are possible with God!

Determine this week that you are not going to start the domino effect in your life. Even in the midst of disappointments, rely on God’s strength. Even in the midst of dread or fear, rely on God’s Word to be in operation in your life by choosing His Word over the dread. Remember, you are not out of faith just because you are experiencing these situations in life. It is Satan’s game plan to use these situation to get your focus off of God and His power and strength to help you through. Champions, focus on God!

-Coach Brim

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