Distress, Despair, and Destruction

Hello Champions!

Today we are going to end the Five D’s of the devil with the dominos of distress, despair, and destruction. See, when we yield ourselves to disappointment, then to dread (fear), and then give into doubt; we open up the door to the dominos of distress, despair, and destruction. Most of us have come to a place in our lives that it seems like we are on a path to distress and despair. That despair looks like it is leading us into destruction. The devil has a way of taking disappointments, dread, doubt, distress, and despair and making it seem like we are headed for destruction.  

The definition of distress is pain or sufferings that affects the body. The definition of despair is to lose all hope. The definition of destruction is the state of being destroyed. A classic example of these three emotions is found in the story of David at Ziklag. David and his men had been out fighting a war. When he came home after the war, he found out that all the women and children had been captured by an army of very ruthless men that were known to kill everyone they ever took captive. David began experiencing the domino effect - disappointment, dread (fear), doubt, distress, despair; and he was quickly heading toward destruction. David had a choice, just as we all do. He could continue knocking dominos over, or he could rise up and overcome the situation. David was at the point that it seemed everything was lost. The Word says that “David was greatly distressed.” His men were getting ready to kill him, and the Word tells us that David “cried until he had no more tears.” He was definitely in a state of distress. He was most certainly feeling despair. He had lost all hope and was heading towards death and destruction. All the while, God was there waiting on David.

In the midst of all the emotions, God was there to help David.  Even in the middle of the distress, despair and glooming destruction, God is there. God is the same for us today. Even when we feel so distressed we don’t think we can go any further, God is there. The Word of God tells us that God will never leave us nor forsake us. David, wrapped up in all these emotions, took his eyes off of the situation and put his eyes on God. The Word says, “But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” The word strengthened means to make stronger. David’s way of making himself stronger was not to look at all that was wrong but to turn himself to the Lord’s strength and focus on God. David chose to stir up the measure of faith that was on the inside of him. If David can do it, so can we.  

Choose today to strengthen yourself in the Lord! Focus on His ability, not on your inability.  Your inability will just bring about the domino effect, but His ability will put you on the victory side of your situation. Then you will be like David. In the middle of your storm, you will come out victorious and highly blessed! Choose God’s ability to do what He says He can do, and hold onto that!

-Coach Brim

Emalee HanveyComment