Hey Partners and Friends!

The last three weeks, we talked about three very important words to our persevering walk as Christians - Attitude, Perception, and Overcomer.

All three of these words can either be strength or they can be a weakness in your life.  If you look at the challenges you face with the attitude of “I can’t do this,” then that is actually what you are going to get.  But if you look at the challenge as, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” then you will move forward in God. And whatever Perception you see yourself in - God is my source, or I have no source - then that is where you will operate from. Unless you step out of your “tent” and see yourself as an overcomer in God, you will remain an under achiever for God.  God does not see you that way!  He sees you through Jesus, and that’s an overcomer. A Champion!

When God called me into ministry, 19 years ago, He said to me, “I want you to train my people to be Champions 4 Christ!” The Hebrew word for Champion is Gavar and it means, “ is strong, mighty warriors, one who always prevails”!  That’s the way God sees us!  You may not feel strong right now, but you are!  You may not think of yourself as mighty right now, but you are! You are a warrior through Jesus Christ, His Blood, His Name and His Word!

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 - Coach Chip

John-Marc Edwards

Hey Partners and Friends,

Just checking in this week to see how you are doing on your challenges! How was your perception this past week? Did you look at your situations through God’s Word and His perception or did you become over whelmed with the mountain before you and perceive it as a helpless situation? Our prayer is that you were an overcomer this past week. And if you were, REJOICE! If you were not, don’t give up. It’s a new day to move forward in God!

Let’s go back and look at attitude and perception. We learned that attitude is your settled way of thinking and a champion’s attitude is “I can do this, no matter the cost.”  We also learned that your perception can affect your attitude. If you see yourself a winner, then your attitude will be that of a winner!

Now let’s add a new word to our list - Overcomer.

The Word tells us that we overcome any situation by the blood of the Lamb, the word of our testimony and that we love God more than our life.

We get to look at life with an overcoming attitude because of what Jesus did for us!  He overcame situations by His blood so that we may overcome by His blood.  Every time we testify of what God did for us or testify of His word, then we overcome! Speak of what Jesus did for you with His blood! Use His overcoming Word to break through that situation!  Keep pressing forward, refusing to let go of what has been already provided for you and you will overcome that which looks hopeless.  We need to perceive situations in our lives as, “We WILL overcome this!” Jesus is our greatest examples of these three words! Attitude, perception and overcomer. And according to the Word of God, if we have the right attitude (God’s word), right perception (looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith) and determine to see ourselves as overcomers, then we will not fail. 

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 - Coach Chip

John-Marc Edwards

Hey Partners and Friends,

Last time we talked about our attitudes and I challenged you to not let your attitude affect your passion. How did you do? If you did well, keep going! If you did not, keep going! Remember, the Champions attitude is to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

This week I want to talk to you about Perception.

Changing your perception will change your attitude.

A person’s perception is his mental image of a situation.  When things happen in life, you will perceive things to be a certain way. Is that perception of the situation a positive vision - God’s Word? Or is it a negative vision - Satan’s plan? Your perception makes a difference in your situation. 

God had to change Abraham’s perception.  He had to take Abraham outside his tent and look up at the stars. At that time, Abraham’s perception was, “God, how can I be the father of many nations when I am the father of none?” And God said, “Abraham, step outside of yourself, move outside of this tent that is holding you back, and look up at the stars. Look at what I have for you!” Sometimes we have to step outside our “tent” and look up at God! You have to see it to be it!

See what God’s word has to say about you and your situation and look unto God!  Move outside your “tent” of doubt and disbelief and count the stars - the blessings God has for you! Remember, you have to see it to be it!

Don’t Forget: The 18th annual Champions 4 Christ youth rally in Branson, Mo. Is coming soon! This year’s rally dates are July 23-27th! This powerful week of meetings has great speakers like Chip and Billye Brim, Steve Munds and GO Ministries, and other impactful speakers.  For more information please go to our website, or check us out on Facebook and Instagram @c4crally.

 - Coach Chip


Hey Partners and Friends!

I am here today to talk to you about something that God has been sharing with me.  We began to speak about this in one of our podcast episodes several weeks ago, and I felt led to share this with you. 

The word for today is Attitude.

The definition of attitude is “a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something.” 

You have heard people talk about good attitudes and bad attitudes. A good attitude is a person who has “settled” in their thought life that they will focus on God’s Word. A person with a bad attitude is one who has decided to focus on the negative things in life. That’s why the Word of God tells us to watch what we think about or “settle” on.

Everyone, every day will have the opportunity to decide what kind of attitude they will have concerning many situations they will face throughout the day. 

How is your attitude today? What are you focusing on today?   

A champions attitude is, “I will do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter the cost.” In other words, when I cross a situation in life my attitude is, I can do this! Doesn’t the word of God tell us, that we can do all things through Him?  That’s a Champion Attitude! Getting it done, no matter the cost.

That means no excuses!  People who are successful in the business or sports worlds have this same attitude.  They get the job done no matter the cost. So, how much more important is it for the church world to have a champion attitude? Let’s stop the excuses, Church!    

Let’s stop using the excuse: “I don’t have time to pray and read the Word” or “that’s not my personality.” The Lord said to me: “Don’t let your personality affect your passion, let your passion affect your personality.” I challenge you to not let your attitude affect your passion this week.

We have been busy planning the 18th annual Champions 4 Christ youth rally in Branson, Mo. If you are interested in further information about the C4C YOUTH RALLY please go to our website or check us out on Facebook and Instagram @c4crally.

 - Coach Chip