I Got Free

Hello Champions!

We just finished our 19th annual C4C Youth Rally! What a great time in the Lord we all had! We all came expecting to receive from God, and I believe that we did. The Lord had laid on our hearts that people would receive what they came expecting to receive. If you came expecting to receive a miracle, you would. If you came expecting to receive an answer, you would. If you came expecting to make new friends and to have a good time, you would. God was willing to meet us wherever we were at just because He’s a good and loving God!

On the last night of the rally, the Holy Spirit spoke these words out over the whole group: “I got free at C4C!” We truly believe that no matter what people came with, they got free of it during their time with the Lord! Free from depression, free from anxiety, free from diseases, pain, and suffering - as the whole group kept declaring and decreeing it, by the power of the Holy Spirit, they were being set free!

In Psalms 118:5, the word states: “Out of my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free and in a large place.” The Word tells us that we are never alone - that God is always with us. We are never alone! We have the Holy Spirit inside of us, and we are never alone because Jesus is always making intercession for us! So, when we call out in times of trouble, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are there to answer us and set us free. Not only set us free, but bring us into a “large” amount of freedom. Praise God!  

In John 8:36 the word says, “So, if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” When the Lord sets you free, you are free in a “large place” - in a big way! If you were not part of the C4C Youth Rally and want to be set free, I have a word for you to declare over yourself, “I got free because of Thee (God).” Once you accepted Jesus as your savior, you were set free! Now, you just have to remind the enemy who you are in Christ and that you are set free from anything the enemy might try to put on you.

Champion Partners and Friends, we are set free because of Thee! Thank you, Lord, for blessing me! We pray for His peace and joy to be part of your life this week.

-Coach Brim

Emalee HanveyComment