Rally Prayer

Champions 4 Christ Partners and Friends,

I am sending you the exact letter that I am sending out to all the youth pastors and leaders that are bringing their youth to C4C Youth Rally 2019. Would you join us in prayer as the teenagers from all over the United States come together to worship God this upcoming week? Would you take the same principles that are written below and apply them to your life? The more you expect the goodness, grace, power, and love of God to operate in your life, the more it will. I challenge you to raise your expectancy over the things of God in your life, and wherever you go and whatever you do, expect God to move for you!

Hey C4C Leaders!

We are so excited about this year’s rally! This year will be our 19th C4C Youth Rally, and we are believing God for His presence, His power, and His mighty Spirit be so real and so present during this time together that our lives are changed. We will never be the same!

We have been praying and confessing these very things over each one of you, and we are asking you to join with us, before the rally starts, in raising your expectation to receive from God exactly what you need to receive from Him.

Expectation  // noun // a strong belief that something will happen.

Come expecting that every day of the rally something will happen to the Glory of God! Come expecting that His presence, His power, and His spirit that lives inside of you will rise to a place like never before. Expect that you will be changed all for the Glory of God, and you will go out and change the world around you.

Come with the strong belief that God has placed you at this year’s rally. You will hear from God concerning your life and situations that you may be dealing with. Come expecting breakthroughs in your life. Come expecting to walk in a stronger relationship with God. Come expecting His healing power to be present! Come expecting His peace, His salvation, and His wholeness be there!  

COME EXPECTING! And together our hearts will be joined in unity of expecting more!

Thank you, Partners, for joining us in prayer over this next generation of God’s army. Just as stated in the above letter, wherever you go and whatever you do, raise your expectancy for God to move in your life!

Emalee HanveyComment