It's Good to Be a Christian

Hey Champs!

A great friend of ours always says this: “It is so good to be Christian!” Lift your voice and praise the Lord for our position in Him as part of His body! Aren’t you thankful today that we are called in Him to be successful in Him? Aren’t you thankful that all things have been provided through His name and His blood? When we choose to use His name and His blood over everything that may come our way, we are promised success. We are promised success if we do not let go of His promises.

What do His promises say?

We are healed and whole. We have peace, joy, and prosperity through His name and His blood. We have mercy that we can call upon every day, and we are surrounded in His grace. We can receive revelation knowledge over situations in life, and we can have a greater understanding and increased wisdom while reading His word. 

We’ve been promised a Helper that lives inside of us - a guide that will lead us through all situations - if we will yield to His voice. The Holy Spirit, the third part of the trinity, lives inside of us and will never leave us. Praise God; we are not alone! 

We have a mediator that is making intercession for us daily. Jesus is standing before God on our behalf. We are not alone! We have ministering spirits, angels, sent forth from the Father to help us! We are not alone.

We have been promised eternity. The day we accepted Jesus as our Savior, we were placed in a loving family and given an eternal home in heaven. Champions, we are forever bound to spend eternity with God - the creator of the universe, the king of kings, the Lord of Lords, the One who holds all things in His right hand, the master planner of the universe, the God Who brought Jesus to save us and the God who will bring Jesus in His second coming to take us all home!

It is good to be a Christian! I encourage you today to lift your voice in praise to the One Who loves you more dearly than all. God, we praise you! We worship you! We thank you, in Jesus’ Name.

-Coach Brim

Emalee HanveyComment