Hey Champions!

I am so glad to continue this blog from the last two weeks!  A couple of weeks ago, we talked about not reaching your goals but pressing on. Last week we talked about letting go of the past and laying hold of the promises of God. I hope all of you are working on these two areas in your life! This week we want to add one more piece to this puzzle that will help you to have a more successful 2019. Isn’t God so awesome? He tells us exactly how to have a successful life in Him, and it’s found in His Word.

Once again, we are going to continue in Philippians 3, but we are going to start with verse 14. Paul states, “I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” Our 2019 is going to be different than all the years before, because we have already decided in the last two weeks that we are letting go and pressing on. We just needed to add another goal for our success to come forth, and Paul gave it to us in verse 14. You may think it’s the word press, and that is a great thing to do! But, that’s not it. You may think it’s the word goal, and that is awesome! We should all set goals and press towards that goal, but that’s not it. And of course, prize is a great word!  Who doesn’t like prizes? We have even preached on being prize minded, but that’s not it. No, the word for today is UPWARD. Upward? What’s the big deal with the word upward?

Well, let’s look at the definition of upward. Upward means to move toward a higher place. No matter what situation may come our way in 2019, we are moving to a higher place. We are not going to take the low road of worry and regret but take the high road of upward motion in God.  Trust Him and His word, and press on to what the word says about you and your life. Read the Word and you will see, it’s all an upward motion in God.

Now, let’s re-word Philippians 3:14 using this definition of upward: “I press toward the goal for the prize of moving forward to a higher call of God in Christ Jesus.” As long as you continue to forget the past mistakes, laying hold of what Christ did for you, pressing forward in it and always moving to a higher place in God, you will end 2019 better than you began it! Does this mean that you won’t have any trials or situations come along? No! It just means you will handle those situations better because you are moving toward a higher place.

So, let’s go, Champions! Let’s make 2019 our best year yet. Let’s determine that no matter what comes our way, we are pressing forward and moving upward to what God has called us to do!  

- Coach Brim

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