Pressing On

Hey Champion Partners and Friends!

Can you believe that 2019 has begun? I am so excited for what God has in store for the Body of Christ heading into this new year. By the world’s standards, a new year is always a good time to start over. This time of year, we see so many people making new year’s resolution and trying their best to keep those resolutions. But, for us to move forward with our “new year, new me” campaign, we have to let go of the past. We have to let go of all the things in 2018 that slowed us down from completing our goals. Champions do not focus on past losses, they focus on new game plans to overcome. We will meet all kinds of situations while navigating through 2019, just as we did in 2018, but our outlook must be one of pressing on.

Paul stated in Philippians 3:12 (NLT), Not that I have already obtained it or have already become perfect, but I press on [a]so that I may lay hold of that [b]for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus.” 

This is such an encouraging scripture because even Paul, the man who wrote most of the New Testament, says “not that I have obtained it!” Paul stated here that whatever goal Paul had set, he has not obtained it yet. Then he goes on to say, “or have already become perfect.” In other words, he hasn’t obtained the goal nor is he perfect in that goal. This is the apostle Paul! He is saying, “I’m not there yet.”  Wow! How many of you have felt like Paul at the end of one year going into the next year? You may have had lots of things on your vision card, or you may have posted on social media all your new year’s resolution. Maybe you look back at the end of the year and say, just like Paul, “Not that I have obtained that!” We all go through that in one area of our life or another. But! Look what Paul continues with: BUT I PRESS ON!! This is what made Paul successful in God - he pressed on! I may not have completed that goal but I keep pressing forward in that goal. Don’t get discouraged. Press on! Paul did not get discouraged, he pressed on. If he can do it, so can you.

This attitude that Paul had is what made him a champion: pressing on. I encourage you, whatever may come your way in 2019, press on!  Focus on the goal God has set before you, and BELIEVE that 2019 will be a prosperous year as you press on in the things of God.

-Coach Brim

Emalee HanveyComment