Be the One Part 2

Hi Partners and Friends!

Last time I was here, we began a series we are calling Be the One. If you did not read my last post, I would highly recommend you doing so!

We left off with encouraging you to press through the things of life to your promise found in Jesus. I had shared with you the story of the woman with the issue of blood, and we left off with her pushing through the crowd.

In Mark 5:24-34, we see the scene of a woman that had done everything she knew to do in the natural and spent all she had, but she had grown worse. This woman was probably at the place in her life of feeling hopeless, but that day she had heard of Jesus. That day her hope changed from hopelessness to hope! And because of this new found hope, she began pressing toward Jesus to receive what she was needing: a healing. But! There was something in between her and Jesus - a crowd. The Word tells us many times that this was not just any crowd; it was a multitude. In other words, this is a massive crowd!

Have you ever been to an NFL football game, NHL hockey game, or a concert and had to sit at the top of the stadium in the “nosebleed” seats? Imagine being able to see all of the people there. This is the type of crowd we are talking about! Not only was the crowd massive, the Word tells us that the disciples said to Jesus, “You see the multitude thronging thee…” This word thronging means to press against and keep pressing. So, in other words, there was a massive amount of people there, and they were all pressing on Jesus.

Despite that, this woman was letting go of all of her weaknesses, pain, heart aches of the past, and pressing through this massive crowd.  I want you to get this visual image because a lot of times in life, we feel like the “crowd” is pressing on us. She could have stopped two steps into this journey, she could have stopped half-way there, she could have stopped three fourths of the way there, she could of stopped two feet before she reached Jesus; but she did not! All this time she was saying to herself, “If I could just touch the hem of his garment, I shall be made well.” She pressed through to the end, until she touched his garment!

Now, here’s my question to you: What about the massive crowd that was pressing on Jesus? Why didn’t they step out just like this woman did and choose to BE THE ONE and receive from Jesus? All these people surrounding Jesus had the same opportunity to receive from Him that she did! But, she chose to BE THE ONE! Any one of those people standing right next to Jesus could have done the same, but she was the only one who chose to BE THE ONE!

See, in that moment of time the woman with the issue of blood chose to no longer be the one with the issue of blood. She chose to be the one to press through the crowd and receive.

It didn’t matter what her past was… be the one.

It didn’t matter what the doctors had said… be the one.

It didn’t matter how big the crowd was… be the one.

It didn’t even matter how scared she was… be the one.

It didn’t matter what she had lived with before… be the one.

It didn’t matter how much money she had already lost… be the one.

Anyone could have received from Jesus that day, but she chose to be the one!  Now, I want to encourage you today, instead of being like all those people thronging Jesus and not reaching out and receiving anything, you be the one who chooses to press through, reach out, and receive! You be the one!

What’s surrounding you? What’s pushing against you and holding you back?

Be the one who presses through those circumstances of life, presses through the past, presses through what others may say.  Don’t be like the rest of the crowd, having the opportunity but not taking it.

It doesn’t matter what YOUR past was… you be the one.

It doesn’t matter what the doctors said to you… you be the one.

It doesn’t matter how big the crowd is… you be the one.

It doesn’t even matter how scared you are… you be the one.

It doesn’t matter what you lived with before… you be the one.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have already lost… you be the one.

It’s time for the Champion Church to rise up and say, “I am going to be the one.” Keeping pressing, keep choosing to be the one, and join us next time as we continue with this series.


- Coach Brim

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