Shield & Buckler

Hey Partners and Friends,

Psalms 91 is one of the greatest promises that God has given to His family. This chapter is a written guarantee of God’s covenant with you. There is so much in this chapter that we could go over it line by line and not exhaust the amazing revelation and promises God has for us!

In this blog, we are going to focus on Psalms 91 verse 4. The last part of that verse states, “His truth shall be your shield and buckler.”Starting in verse 3 and going down to verse 8, the word states how God shall deliver you and protect you. But right in the middle of all the promises of protection, you see this statement: “His truth shall be your shield and buckler.” In the midst of all that has been spoken about your protection, the Lord gives you a key to your safeguard against all the things the world may throw your way. The key is His Truth.  

John 17:17 states, “sanctify them by the truth, Your word is truth.”  

God’s word is the truth we stand on in every situation and in every attack that we may be going through. Not only is God’s word the truth, it is a shield and buckler for the battlefield of life. Upon studying these two words - shield and buckler - we see that in a battle these two weapons are used for different purposes. The shield is used for defensive purposes (a safeguard), and the buckler is used for offensive purposes (advancement).  So, in other words, the word of God is given to us for defensive (safeguard) and offensive (advancement) purposes.

The word of God is what you defend yourself with when a situation arises in life. When Satan is throwing all his fiery darts at you, this shield is what you put up for your protection. In other words, if you have received a bad report, you defend yourself against the attack by the word of God. The word of God is your shield and your protection.

Not only is the word of God your protection, it is your buckler. The buckler is used for the purpose of advancement. It advances you through life with your confession over a situation. It is what pushes you forward in the battle of life. In other words, your daily confessions of the word of God will advance you forward against anything that may be coming your way.

The word defends you and advances you! It is your shield and buckler! As you use both pieces of armor, you will see yourself protected and moving forward in life!

-Coach Brim

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Lest We Drift

Hello Partners and Friends!

We are thankful to God for you! It’s our greatest desire to bring the word of God to you so that you may be built up in Him and that you may walk in the word as a Champion 4 Christ.

This week we will focus on the scripture found in Hebrews 2:1-2. The word says, “Therefore, we must give the more earnest heed to the things we have heard, lest we drift away. For if the word…”

In life, we will have trials and situations that come upon us on a daily basis. Sometimes those situations may be a minor event, at other times, those situations may seem a crushing event. But in every trial, we have hope! We have a part to play in obtaining the desired outcome, and Hebrews 2:1 gives us insight to that hope.

In Hebrews the Word tells us that we must give more earnest heed. Let us just take this first section of words. The word must is a command word that compels us into action. It is a champion word, and it requires us to play a big part in this scripture. We are commanded and compelled to do something. What are we commanded and compelled to do is to give more earnest heed.

The word earnest means in a more abundant degree or greater degree. The word heed means to bring near. So, in other words, we must give more of a greater degree and bring this item near to us. And what should we bring near to us? What we have heard. What we have heard is the word of God.

We must give greater degree of attention and bring the word of God near us in our lives so that we do not let it drift away or slip away from us.

What I really like about this scripture is not only is Paul giving us instruction on what we should do, but he is also letting us know, “Hey guys, things can slip in our lives; and if we don’t want things to slip, then we must give more earnest heed to the word of God.”

It’s that simple, Champions. Heed the word of God earnestly and things will not slip in our lives.

Father, I thank you for the wonderful partners and friends that you have placed in our lives. I thank you that You are their provider, their protection, their source of life and life more abundantly. I thank you, Lord, as they go throughout the weeks and months to come, that they will give more earnest heed to your word and your promises for their lives so that things may not slip in their lives. I also thank you that the eyes of their understanding is being enlightened as they seek your will and purposes for what you have called them too. I thank you, Lord, that they are surrounded in your protection and love. Bless them, Lord! Amen.

-Coach Brim

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To The Praise of His Glory

Hey Champs!

Today I wanted to share with you a scripture that has become a faith statement for me almost every day. In Ephesians 1:12, the Word tells us, “that we who first trusted in Christ should be to the praise of His glory.” The Voice Translation states it like this: “as a result, we - the first to place our hope in the anointed one – will live in a way to bring Him glory and praise”

If you have placed your trust in Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, and accepted Him as your Savior, your desire should be to live a life that would bring Him glory and praise. Is this easy to do? Yes! Does this mean you have to be perfect? No, we will never be perfect. Jesus was the only perfect one. That is the reason that He died for us: that we could take on His righteousness and have a place of forgiveness in His blood and in His name.

How do we live a life of “praise of His glory”? This very verse tells us three ways that we can bring praise to His name.

  1. Trust.  

When we trust God with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding, we bring praise and glory to His name.  

  1. Praise.  

Psalms 50:23 states, “Whoever offers praise glorifies Me…” When we lift our voice to God in praise, no matter the situation, we bring glory to Him. We are saying to God that we trust You so much that we are overriding what the situation may look like and offering our praise!

  1. Glory.

Several years back, the Lord shared with a well-known preacher that the Glory of the Lord was His power, His presence and His goodness. So, for us to bring “praise of His glory”, like stated in Ephesians 1:12. We must walk in God’s presence, His power, and His goodness. We must spend time in His presence daily. We must operate in His power when a situation arises in life. We must believe and expect His goodness to be upon us and working through us every day. If we follow His Word, our life will be to the “praise of His glory.”

I like to say it like this every morning: “Father, let my life be to the praise of Your glory today.”

I would like to close this blog today with a prayer over you.  

“Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up our partners and friends to you. I thank you for your presence, your power, and your goodness being in their lives. I thank you that daily, as they trust you, you are with them and they are never alone. I plead the blood of Jesus over their lives, and I thank you that your Holy Spirit is guiding and directing them today. I surround them with your favor, and I thank you that their lives will be to the praise of Your glory. I love you, Lord, and I place their lives and every situation that they may be facing in your hands. In Jesus name, Amen.”

-Coach Brim

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Dear Champions,

Today, I wanted to encourage you to make time your friend and not your foe. You may be thinking, “what do you mean time? Are you talking about making minutes in my day a friend? How is that even possible?”

Yes, in a way, that’s what I’m saying. Think about it: how many times a day do you look at your phone or clock to see what time it is? Our lives are driven by time, and if you really think about it, time is the most valuable thing you own.

In Ecclesiastes 3:1, you see the discussion of time and season. In fact, this whole section of scripture talks about seasons and times in our life; but let’s just look at the first part.

Ecclesiastes: 3:1-2

To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under heaven…

A time for every purpose under heaven. Our time has been carved out by God Himself. God is eternal, and He doesn’t move in time like we do. But, He has set aside time during the fall of man, to direct us here upon the earth (under heaven). How we look at and use our time will determine whether time will become a friend or foe.  

Time can be your friend when you trust God in the time of waiting.

Time can become your foe when you worry about the situation in the time of waiting.

Time can be your friend when you give God your voice of praise in the time of waiting.

Time can be your foe when you lift up your voice with words of doubt in the time of waiting.

In fact, the aspect of time can be one of the biggest hindrances to our faith. Instead of sticking with God and His word while we are waiting for the manifestation of something we are believing for, we give up on trusting God and His word because it has taken too much time.

Partners and Friends, we need to determine in ourselves that no matter how much time has seemed to pass, we trust God! We need to say to ourselves, “I’m not moved by the measure of time, I am moved by God’s word.” We need to “draw the line in the sand” and say, “I am standing on God’s promises no matter the time it takes because I trust you completely, Lord!”

-Coach Brim