Hey Partners and Friends!

The last three weeks, we talked about three very important words to our persevering walk as Christians - Attitude, Perception, and Overcomer.

All three of these words can either be strength or they can be a weakness in your life.  If you look at the challenges you face with the attitude of “I can’t do this,” then that is actually what you are going to get.  But if you look at the challenge as, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” then you will move forward in God. And whatever Perception you see yourself in - God is my source, or I have no source - then that is where you will operate from. Unless you step out of your “tent” and see yourself as an overcomer in God, you will remain an under achiever for God.  God does not see you that way!  He sees you through Jesus, and that’s an overcomer. A Champion!

When God called me into ministry, 19 years ago, He said to me, “I want you to train my people to be Champions 4 Christ!” The Hebrew word for Champion is Gavar and it means, “ is strong, mighty warriors, one who always prevails”!  That’s the way God sees us!  You may not feel strong right now, but you are!  You may not think of yourself as mighty right now, but you are! You are a warrior through Jesus Christ, His Blood, His Name and His Word!

I have a Champion Project to tell you about!  The C4C Youth Rally in Branson MO is a life changing experience for Junior High and High school kids. It starts July 23rd and ends July 27th.  This youth rally is designed to build up your youth to be Champions 4 Christ as they enter the upcoming school year. It’s a week full of lots of ministry times with Billye and Chip Brim and other anointed speakers.  It is also a time for fun with GO Ministries music, drama, and fun games, as well as, trips to the great Christian parks found in Branson: Silver Dollar City and White Water.  So, go check it out!  Visit our website at or check us out on Facebook and Instagram @c4crally.

 - Coach Brim

John-Marc Edwards