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C4C presents THE CHAMPION PROJECT with Coach Chip Brim! Welcome to THE LOCKER ROOM, where you're about to get coached up - to go higher, faster, & further than you've ever gone before. So tell me, ARE YOU READY?

More Than A Podcast..

Weekly audio episodes. Team building. Impactful guests! The Champion Project is provides comprehensive, year-round training to help you on your path to being a Champion for Christ!

A Vision >>

We want Champions 4 Christ to reach the world! We anticipate video series, training modules, live events, outreach, missions, & even bigger & better stuff ahead of us! God has NO limits.

Team Up!!

If you want to join the C4C team, we would LOVE to have you! Click the button above to become a Partner! Thank you to all our legacy Partners for standing by us & making this ministry possible!